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I make music, write things and produce events.

I am the worst person at a dinner party to ask ‘so what you do.’ I am firmly in the multi-hyphenate of job titles- many fingers, copious amounts of pies. I used to worry that it might make me seem fickle, but really it means I’m a generalist at all things creative industries, from behind the scenes right through to the standing on the stage, I’ve had to learn it all simply to get the job done well—- and I am rarely bored which is a definite bonus. One thing that is always present in my work is unwavering creativity and curiosity in both thought and execution.

As a musician I make music that traverses electronic/pop/jazz. I performed for many years under the moniker osh10, but most recently I have come out from behind the pseudonym to release music under my own name. I have toured extensively through Australia, Japan, Canada, Denmark and France, released 2 albums, a remix album, various singles and collaborated with other wonderful musicians on a bunch of tunes. I’ve also facilitated workshops on protools, Ableton, songwriting and performance in Melbourne, Kununurra and Japan. I am incredibly passionate about making music accessible to everyone, music really is a human’s connective tissue- and I serve on the board of Boonderu for that very reason.
As a music listener, I essentially have no boundaries just an unadulterated love for anything musical.

I was a venue/event manager for many years working at some pretty incredible venues in Melbourne, Australia such as the Palais Theatre where I was the event manager for 10 years as well as contracts at Hisense Arena and Margaret Court Arena. I’ve since moved to the other, some might say dark, side as an event producer and have in the past 4 years worked as an Associate Producer on international tours, festivals and even premiere musicals such as Madiba the Musical. A personal and career highlight for me was as part of the 3 person project team that conceived and realised the multifaceted Vast Project that took place over almost 3 years, involved over 30 musicians and visual artists and included an artist residency, a concert, an album and more.

When I am not consumed by making, curating, producing or promoting musical things I adore writing and taking photos and video/film. I am currently completely entranced by the making of a radio show on my local community radio station MainFM and I have a big dream to create a mobile electronic music studio in a converted 60s caravan, so I can take the teaching and making of electronic music to the people in and around my beloved Central Goldfields, who might not otherwise have access.


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